Women We Admire is a community filled with incredible women leaders and professionals who have all found success in their respective fields. Many of them are also amazing working mothers who have shown that motherhood is not a barrier to professional growth, but rather a strength and motivating force behind their success. Each member of our community brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table, and we are proud to showcase their accomplishments. In this year's Mother's Day Campaign, we will hear from our members about what they find to be the most rewarding part of being a working mother.

Saba Syed
Senior Director, Clinical Quality Pharmacy, VillageMD
Industry: Healthcare

“It's difficult to be a working mom because of the trade-off that needs to be made every day. In order to spend more time with my kids, I need to adjust how much time I dedicate to work and vice versa. I intentionally decide where to spend my time and strive to be more present with my kids when I am not at work. I am the primary source of income for my family and never had an option to not work, but I do control how I show up for my kids when I'm not earning income to keep our family going. The most rewarding aspect for me is the gratitude I feel when I receive golden opportunities to be there for them and show my love and support. This can be something as simple as just talking to my son every night and asking him how his day went by driving him to school in the mornings and listening to funny podcasts together. For my son with autism, we have a ritual of going to the zoo every Saturday and Sunday morning which I try my very best to never miss. We have been to the zoo hundreds of times over the last few years. I really cherish all these ordinary moments I get to spend with my kids while continuing to grow and develop personally and professionally.”

Dr. Tiana N. Rogers
Chief Operating Officer, BLK Haven
Industry: Entrepreneurship, Business

“Showing my children that women make valuable contributions to our society in various ways, and it’s all meaningful. Even if I was not a traditional working mother, I would still be a success - nurturing, guiding, and protecting another individual is the most sacred work on earth.”

Taylor Hiers
Vice President of Psychiatry, Thriveworks
Industry: Mental Health

“As a busy mother of three children in very different stages of life, being a working mom can be exhausting! However, the rewards far outweigh the difficulties for me. My children are 13, 7, and 4 months, so we have some big age gaps! Which means the baby is always a tag along to softball or soccer practice, or my husband and I are constantly tag teaming pick-ups and drop-offs for different activities. But one of the biggest rewards of being a successful working mother is simply the ability to provide for my family in a tangible way. Because of my hard work they can participate in a lot of activities, and they can try new hobbies and skills to explore what they may enjoy now and later in life.

I also feel very strongly that children grow and learn by witnessing their parents' efforts. My effort at work is an example of how a strong work ethic pays off. In times where they are struggling with fatigue, apathy, or challenges, I can use my work experiences as examples of perseverance, discipline, and overcoming adversity. As a child in this technological age, I believe entitlement and apathy are the biggest downfalls to success. It is so important to me to be able to impart to my kids a sense of pride in my work, and demonstrate to them the importance of pushing through challenges. I want them to succeed in whatever they put their minds to, and I hope that my actions speak louder than any words I could say regarding success.

Brenda Contreras
VP of Engineering, Head of Architecture, Self Financial
Industry: Technology, Financial Services

“I love being a role model for my girls. Showing them daily that women can be awesome mothers and advance in their career is extremely rewarding. It is not easy juggling a career and motherhood at the same time. There will be lows and there will be highs. The key is to learn from your mistakes and try again. Don't give up on your dreams!”

Jill Marcotte
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Dealer Tire
Industry: Automotive

“There are so many aspects of being a working mother that have been rewarding over the years. Experiencing my son grow into an impressive young man with his own hopes, dreams and aspirations is probably the most rewarding. Providing an example of a home that was different from most of his friends, with a stay-at-home dad and working mom - it was a great choice for us! For my own growth and development, I have enjoyed impacting my company's culture, strategic plan and growth. I love mentoring others and creating an engaging workplace where associates feel valued. Being able to do both, be in the corporate world and be a mom, has been an amazing adventure! I prioritized having special trips with my son - scuba diving, zip-lining, repelling, etc - to create special moments in our lives.

Part of my success has been having an amazing support team. When my son was born, my husband stayed home to care for him. He not only focused on caring for our son, but also participated in school functions, did all the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning as well as home repairs and landscaping. He and I also have a family that jumped in and would come stay at our home and be with our son when we had work trips that included spouses. I have had coaches, mentors and friends that have always been willing to listen and provide guidance. I also have always had a great administrative assistant to help support my work efforts. Having the flexibility to move for career opportunities, travel when needed and work whatever hours necessary gave me the opportunity to focus on my career.”

Radhika Giri
Senior Vice President, Emerging Business, SiriusXM
Industry: Media

“Being able to demonstrate, rather than simply articulate to my young daughters, the values we want to instill in them - to be curious and learn something new every day, to be brave and do hard things, to be kind and ease the lives of others.”

Trina Edwards
Director of Operations, Diversity Recruitment Partners
Industry: Entrepreneurship, Education, Media

“Witnessing your adult children embodying the values and principles that you instilled in them, both in their personal and professional lives. It is a fulfilling experience to see them apply the lessons you taught them, as it indicates that you have positively influenced their character and helped them develop a strong moral compass. This not only brings a sense of pride and joy, but it also serves as a testament to the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance as a parent, and the impact it can have on the lives of your children.

Furthermore, it is truly remarkable to see your adult children not only applying the values and principles you taught them but also inspiring others to do the same. To know that your children are making a positive impact on the world around them by setting an example and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps is an incredible feeling. It is a testament to their character, and a reflection of the guidance and support that you provided them as a parent. Witnessing your children passing on the lessons they learned from you and helping others grow and succeed is an immeasurable reward that highlights the far-reaching impact of effective parenting.”

Shinta H. Hernandez, Ph.D.
Dean of the Virtual Campus, Montgomery College
Industry: Education

“The opportunity to show my family that through my passion and commitment to higher education, I can make a difference in the lives of countless students, their families, and our community.

My family is the bedrock of my success. Their faith and support help me to achieve my dreams and create new ones. When I am successful, they are successful.”

Wende Amerie
President and Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Edge, Inc.
Industry: Leadership Consulting

“Setting an example to my 17-year-old daughter. While the outcomes of showing her the importance of work ethic and work life balance may not show itself for years to come, I am confident that she will feel empowered to take her rightful place in the world, wherever that place may be. I also hope it shows her the importance of not living to work but working to live. Work is important but it doesn’t define who you are, and to remember that the work will always be there so prioritize the people you love first.”

Jenna Kirkpatrick Howard
Senior Vice President, Lockton
Industry: Financial Services

“My daughters ask wonderful questions about my career, what impact it makes in our community, and the opportunities it has provided me and our family. I hope my life teaches them to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and care more about shattering glass ceilings.”

Leila Makarechi
Chief Business Officer, Merit America
Industry: Entrepreneurship, Education

“Showing my two young boys the highs and lows of pursuing my passions outside of being their mom.”

Tiffany Osborne
Director, National & Strategic Partnerships, Equus Workforce Solutions
Industry: Workforce Development

“Being an example of a loving mother, who is able to also lead a successful career that is meaningful to me and makes a positive impact in the world, while paving the way for my children and others to be successful in their pursuit of their dreams and version of success.”

Elizabeth Spenko
Chief Product Officer, Mathison
Industry: Technology

“Raising children who recognize that both parents can work and still be present for their children. My husband and I are a team and we support each other as we manage all the logistics of having two children and careers. I am grateful that I can have a career I am passionate about as well as be a mom."

Katie Mehnert
Chief Executive Officer, ALLY Energy
Industry: Energy and Climate

“To be an example to my daughter. She's my north star and why I get up every day to work hard on complex issues in energy and environment.”

Reggan Jastram
Managing Broker, ColdwellBanker
Industry: Real Estate

“Being an example for my daughter and teaching her and my son about drive, work ethic, and the value of hard work.”

Kathy Marlin
SVP of Imports, Winebow
Industry: Wine & Spirits

“Showing my boys the strength and determination that all people can use to accomplish goals and be successful.”

Rachel J Richter
VP, Growth Analytics, Intelligence & Business Process Operations, Optum
Industry: Healthcare

“I love seeing my children inspired and showing them that the sky's the limit for their future professions and careers!”

Robin Dufresne
Executive Vice President, CSG Government Solutions
Industry: Healthcare

“Watching my children grow into successful adults, pursuing their dreams and thriving.”

Jacquelyn Clark Johnson
VP of People & Culture, Region North America (US, Canada & Mexico), Volvo Financial Services
Industry: Financial Services

“Working for leaders that provide a culture that allows me to prioritize and balance the needs of my family and myself while being provided with the support, opportunity and flexibility to grow my career.

It is rewarding to be an example or role model to my sons by showing them that women can have successful careers and not compromise their responsibilities of motherhood. It requires planning and prioritization, adhering to your values, effective communication and focus. However, it can be done! I have proven it.”

Whitney Walters-Sachs
Vice President of School & Legal Affairs, Pine Crest School
Industry: Education

“For me, the most rewarding aspect of being a successful working mother is the opportunity I have to show my two children and the other students in our community that being successful does not require perfection. It involves getting it right and getting it wrong, and most importantly, working hard, trying your best, and learning and growing from your mistakes. These concepts seem rather basic, but they are easy to lose sight of as we strive to achieve. Ultimately, it all comes down to our values, how we live them, and how we define "success" in our personal and professional lives.”

Tawanna Armstrong-Ivory
VP, Global BI Platform, JLL
Industry: Corporate Real Estate

“What is most rewarding to me is knowing that the successes of those things that I have accomplished will influence, impact, shape and instill as foundational blocks to my daughter's future success.”

Katy Simpson
Chief Marketing Officer, Northwestern Mutual
Industry: Financial Services

“Working towards a bigger goal of being able to give my kids what they want and desire in life and giving them the opportunity to go after whatever goal; big or small. Everything I do in work is to help them live the life that they dream of

I love being an example of being able to be a mom full-time while also running a business and being an employee.”

Trish Barber
CEO, 3WaysDigital
Industry: Technology, Government services

“My children are all grown so they need me less, but my work brings me a sense of accomplishment and the experiences that fortify conversations with my children about the world, business, trends, ethics, invention and opportunity.”

Pia D’Urbano
WorldWide President BioPharma, GRIFOLS
Industry: Healthcare

“To be a role model for my son, to be a dedicated mother and dedicated professional. To have an intellectual curiosity, a professional goal and commitment beyond being a mom.”

Gloria Winters
Chief Health Officer, YMCA
Industry: Healthcare

“Nurturing my boys to be strong men of character and leadership.”

Michelle Richardson
CEO, Proper Seven
Industry: Marketing and Design

“Getting to be an example of toughness and grit balanced with love and compassion. I want my children to see and know that they can be and do anything they put their mind to. Anything is possible and with a little bit of grit, dedication and grind, you can change the world in and through your home and in the workplace. I have seen my children adopt this mentality at a young age already. I have loved to watch them dream and accomplish things that most are too timid or scared to do. I believe that through them watching a mother and father dream big and fight for the impossible, will teach them that anything is possible for them! Be anything but one dimensional.

I love being a working mother. It’s been the biggest accomplishment of my life and I am so grateful and proud that I get to share my talents with the world while raising the best generations of humans. I hope that it will make me better and stronger and more capable and equipped to teach them all they need to know to become the humans they need to be for the future and generations to come.”

Nicolette Daniel
Chief Strategy Officer, Patrick Daniel Law
Industry: Law

“My children knowing that women can do anything… and all of it!”

Marina Negrisoli
Managing Director, Suzano
Industry: Industrial

“The ability to act as a bridge between home and the office, fostering a culture of love, kindness, and nurturing the best out of people. At the same time, being a bridge from the office to home, instilling a sense of determination, achievement, responsibility, and purpose with the world. Both are equally important. By embodying these qualities and values, a working mother can inspire her colleagues, peers, and family members to reach their full potential and create a positive impact in the world.”

Jessica Cannella
President and Co-founder, Oak Harvest Financial Group
Industry: Financial Services

“Owning a business and becoming a mother have been the most humbling and rewarding experiences for me. I have developed clear values and a flexible approach that has helped me to become a successful leader and parent. I have also learned the importance of teamwork and clear communication, which are essential for managing a business and a family. I’ve learned to prioritize, delegate and let the small things go. In leadership, it’s essential to meet people where they’re at, the same is true raising a toddler. In a way, owning a business has prepared me for parenthood, and parenthood continues to grow in leadership.”

Jill Koziol
CEO & Co-Founder, Motherly
Industry: Entrepreneurship

“Leading by example, knowing that by seeing me live my professional dreams, my daughters learn that they can be anything.”

Alexandrea Hanba
Vice President of People, Path Digital Advisors, LLC
Industry: Technology, Financial Services

“As a working mother, I find a great sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in being able to pursue my career goals while also raising my son. Being able to balance both responsibilities is incredibly rewarding. I am able to demonstrate the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance and show my son that it is possible to balance a successful career with a fulfilling family life. As a working mother, I hope to inspire my son to pursue his own goals and dreams.”

Kate Buckholz
Head of Operations, Startup Business Development, Amazon Web Services
Industry: Technology

“Showing my children that women, moms especially, can be leaders in any way they choose whether that's working at home, from home, in an office earning a salary or not. Moms are leaders in our communities.

I don't believe in "having it all" or "work-life balance" per se, but knowing what your priorities are on a given day and focusing on what matters is how we move toward success. Some days, that's the kids. Other days, it's work. We are all just doing our best and as long as it all shakes out over time, you're doing great.”

Stacie Prescott
Chief Underwriting Officer and Head of Energy, The Hartford Insurance
Industry: Financial Services

“Watching your child develop their own personality and succeed in their career. My daughter is successful and I am very proud of her dedication to her career and her accomplishments. She grew up with a working mother and watched me progress through my career over the years she was home with us. I would like to think I modeled for her that if you want something bad enough, you can accomplish it and you can be a hard worker yet still balance a family life. I also grew up with a working mom that modeled that to me as well. I learned the special art of that balance from my wonderful mother who at 85 is still a very hard worker to this day.”

Nichole Hahn
Chief Human Resources & Diversity Officer, Valiant Integrated Services
Industry: Government Contracting

“Being a strong role model for my two girls is the most rewarding aspect of being a working mother. I really want my girls to understand the importance of being independent and self-reliant and the success I have been able to obtain in business has helped me drive that message home on a daily basis. There were a lot of things I missed, however, like hanging out with them at the pool in the summer or soccer games in the evening, but they know and understand that the sacrifices I have had to make are for them and they do appreciate it.

As a long time working mother I would just remind the newer moms that once you take the guilt out of working, everything becomes a little easier and much more enjoyable. My girls, as they have gotten older, have helped me understand that I am so lucky to be doing something I truly love. They also appreciate the life lessons they had to learn much earlier in life than others, and have been critical in setting them up for their future successes. My girls are very thankful of the life I have been able to provide for them, a life I wouldn't have been able to give them had I not worked outside of the home.”

Tracey Brown
SVP and General Manager Core Banking & Integrated Solutions, Fiserv
Industry: Technology, Financial Services

“I’ve involved both my children in my career. They have heard me talk about work, challenges, clients and strategy. They understand what I do and as they have gotten older began asking more questions about my successes. It is extremely rewarding to see my son in college majoring in business and finance and potentially following in my steps.

Being a working mom isn’t easy. There are sacrifices that are made but I have seen so many more rewards for me and my family! My advice for young women is to do what you love, be passionate about it and show your kids how amazing life can be when a person pursues their career and family!”

Victoria Switzer
Chief Operating Officer, Gomez Trial Attorneys
Industry: Legal

“Balancing motherhood with a successful career is challenging but I also find it incredibly rewarding. I am a positive role model to my daughter demonstrating the importance of hard work and pursuing one's passions. I have a steady income and am able to provide financial independence for my family which allows my husband to play a more prominent role with our daughter, this is something his father was never able to do. Finally, I feel fulfilled in all aspects of my life. My professional and personal life fill my cup!”

Kelly Carlton
VP Global Talent Solutions, Randstad Sourceright
Industry: Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

“The most rewarding aspect of being a successful working mother is that my children, and now my granddaughter, see that working women can not only succeed in the workplace, but also succeed in parenting. It was extremely difficult balancing work-life balance and in my generation, that wasn't discussed - you did what you had to do - which meant long hours but totally worth it! As a result, my children have incredible work ethic, respect and understand the value of working hard and most of all - my boys know that women can accomplish anything they put their minds to and are equals.”

Ashley Reid Brown
Principal, ghSMART
Industry: Leadership Advisory

“Having the opportunity to (re-)define my work-life fulfillment as both my children and career evolve. It's continuous growth and reflection; there's truly never a dull moment.”

Catherine R. Codispoti
Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Children's National
Industry: Healthcare

“Being able to set an example to my three children that you can enjoy a successful career and family. They see that it's not always easy, but that my husband and I partner together every day to support and lift each other up. It's this commitment to each other, and to our family, that allows me to feel fulfilled as an executive, wife and mother.”

Amy Searls
Chief Experience Officer, Prime Healthcare
Industry: Healthcare

“Showing my children the importance of making a positive difference at home and in the workplace. It’s no easy feat raising a family and working, but with the right support, the sky’s the limit.

Adrianne Court Petruska
Chief HR Officer, Tealium
Industry: Technology

“It is important to acknowledge that being a full-time working parent is not easy. Balancing family responsibilities and work is challenging, but it is absolutely possible. It takes giving yourself grace and knowing that you may have to miss some moments and some sleep too. But the rewards are quite phenomenal. Creating financial stability and opportunities for my children is one of the greatest rewards. But equally important has been demonstrating a strong work ethic and modeling behaviors of commitment and perseverance that have resulted in professional success. These are powerful examples that I believe help to inspire my children and their friends to invest in themselves and their futures.”

Dr. Marcelle W. Davis
Vice President, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, VCU Health System
Industry: Healthcare

“There are several rewards to being a successful working mother. First, I am able to set an example for my daughter of how to advocate for herself and influence others. Second, I humbly take every chance I get to grow forward with my daughter.

I am honored to be a voice for those who, for whatever reason, feel like they don't have one. This is not something I take lightly. So I am intentional and unapologetic about being a servant leader who meets people where they are without judgment or criticism. Leading with grace is the platform I leverage because it gives me the vehicle to learn from those around me so that together we can change the world.”

Dr. Jillian Lucas Baker
Executive Director, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Industry: Education

“As a mother of 3 children, it's being a role model for my children on how to follow their passions while simultaneously being a very dedicated and hands-on parent. I also am fortunate to have children who want me to shine in what I do.”

Vanessa Ogle
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Higherhill Studios
Industry: Entrepreneurship

“Watching my children know they can do anything. They do not accept restraints on who they can be or the value of their contribution. As a family, together we are able to celebrate our success in all areas of our lives.

Mother's Day is a wonderful time to appreciate all the work from all the women before us that gave us the platform and the foundation to be all that we can be right in this moment. It is also a time to celebrate the extra contribution of working moms. We have full time jobs at the office and full time jobs at home.”

Kelly Barrena
VP of Global Talent Brand & Outreach, KnowBe4
Industry: Technology

“The most rewarding aspect of being a successful working mother is being an example for my children. My daughter looks up to me and wants to work where I work, and follow in my footsteps. It's so rewarding to be able to set a positive example for her as a successful working mother.”

Jen Earyes
Head of Investor Relations, Navient
Industry: Financial Services

“Like many in the workforce, I am a parent that finds it tough but rewarding to balance work and life. Working lets me continue to grow while I show my daughter the importance of positively contributing to the world around us, while also providing a good life for my family.

I’m also fortunate to work for a company that provides strong support to working parents. Navient offers flexible work options, including hybrid or remote roles for many positions. I am able to work from home most days. Additionally, Navient offers dependent care assistance plans for both child and elder care costs as well as solid health care programs, including telehealth options and other programs dedicated to wellness. Overall, Navient is highly supportive of work-life balance so working parents don’t always have to choose between work and missing a child’s game or activity. And we’ve regularly been recognized for our positive work culture – Navient was recently named a best company for working daughters as well as a best company for military members and their spouses.”

Marie Brunet
Global VP of Sales, Uniphore
Industry: Technology

“Being a mother, more precisely a working mother gives me an additional sense of purpose and motivation. As one of the too rare Asian women sales executives, I take pride in breaking the ceiling and fighting for D&I initiatives so my daughter won't have, hopefully, to experience as many challenges as I have.

I don't fit the box and I never have. Asian women in sales leadership roles are highly underrepresented. I used to be an engineer in the semiconductor industry, a highly male-dominated field. I never accepted my gender to limit my path despite all the challenges, sexism and biases. My daughter already feels the same. So I want to make sure she doesn't have to struggle as much as I did. This is all about giving her the same fair options her brother will have.”

Rebecca Corbin
Founder and CEO, Corbin Advisors, LLC
Industry: Financial Services, Entrepreneurship

“As a mother of four daughters, ranging in age from 26 to 4, I’m proud to show my girls that you can realize your dreams and ambitions through hard work, passion, vision, and perseverance.”

Tara Mitchell
VP of Sales, Fountain
Industry: Technology

“When my children take a genuine interest in what I do and recognize my hard work.”

Judy Ayala
CEO, Nueducation - IT Services
Industry: Technology

“The community that I have found in other working mothers, sharing strategies, experiences, challenges, and understanding, has been my greatest reward and aid in carving a pathway for women to have greater leadership opportunities: to fight the stigma judging us as weak, not capable, or too burdened by motherhood on to have a seat at the business table.”

Laurie Lyons
VP Business Development, Pegasus Residential
Industry: Real Estate

“Being able to enjoy time with my family and not feeling guilty. Finding a work/family balance is important and different for everyone but that balance allows you to be successful as a mom and employee.”

Chitra Madhwacharyula
Customer & Partner Success Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Industry: Technology

“Being the right role model for my two girls and leading by example. Also, the privilege of being able to support other women leaders and aspiring leaders by being a guide and mentor to them is something I do not take lightly.”

Tonya Dawn Recla
Director, Super Power Experts
Industry: Science

“From the moment I knew myself as a mother, I knew an opportunity to shine my best self and face the moments when I didn’t. That meant discovering all of who I am and what I want to model. Contributing to the world in a way that lights me up and models courageous creativity for our children, brings me an incredibly rewarding sense of wholeness and joy. For me, there is no separation.

Big love and gratitude to all the mother figures out there endeavoring to model creativity, consideration, kindness, decorum, courage and hope for our future generations to emulate. Now’s the time to shine our brilliance and light the way forward.”

Jocelyn Sexton
Vice President of Marketing, Growth Acceleration Partners
Industry: Technology

“I used to think the most rewarding aspect of being a hard-working mom was seeing my kids' pride as they told others what I did. But once I started working remotely from home, and my kids got to see me in boss mode on a daily basis, their cute descriptions of “marketing” morphed into, "my mom talks in a lot of meetings and answers emails all day." But I’ll happily accept that assessment because they’re not wrong and my flexible schedule now allows them to tangibly see and hear why what I do makes an impact. When my son and I sit in his middle school parking lot waiting for doors to open in the morning, he gets to hear company leaders discuss the needs of our customers. And when my daughter comes into my office after school, she waves at my team members in Costa Rica and hears me talk about strategy. My work not only shows them the importance of math, writing and other subjects they’re learning in school, but they also see real examples of how you can lead with kindness, encourage and mentor others, be creative, solve problems and build action plans for success.”

Laura Elizabeth Patrick
Co-Owner and CMO, Bay Street Biergarten
Industry: Entrepreneurship

“Being a positive role model for my kids, not to mention having the best of both worlds - a career, as well as well-rounded and independent children.

Being a working mother can be incredibly challenging and the mom guilt is real, but in the end I know I'm personally a better mother for having a fulfilling career outside of the home and I'm very proud of providing for my family.”

Allie Kirby
Realtor and Owner, The Monarch Group at Compass
Industry: Entrepreneurship

“Spending quality time with my babies when I want. I am so blessed to have the support of my assistant and team to be there at their activities, and school field trips, while also being home to prioritize our family dinners. Being able to cultivate an environment that allows them to blossom as they want instead of raising them how I expect, has been tremendously rewarding.

All moms are working moms.”

Christy Wolf
VP, Talent and HR Transformation, Gallagher
Industry: Financial Services

“Demonstrating for my children and other young people that it is possible to have a challenging and fulfilling career while also being a committed and engaged mother. I also enjoy seeing how my experiences as a mother have helped me become a stronger professional and visa versa. There are a lot of skills and behaviors that overlap between my work and home domain, and I feel that continuing to develop and learn in my professional life has made me a better mother. Likewise, the lessons I've learned as a parent have helped me become a stronger leader and manager.”

Rebecca Temple
Area Vice President, Salesforce
Industry: Technology

“Being a role model to my two boys. Not only do they see what it means to have a strong work ethic but, perhaps even more important, they see their mom, a female, working hard, achieving success and elevating the stature of women in the tech industry. My hope is that this translates for them in two ways - being a supportive husband like their dad is and being an advocate for their female colleagues in their chosen line of work whatever that may be.”